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We Connect You with People Who Actually Searching for "Solar"

Stop Wasting Your Time And Money on Triditional Marketing

Most businesses either depend on Facebook for cheap, low-quality leads or overpay Google or shared lead suppliers. SunduSolar can help you receive pre-set appointments and expand your company to the higher end level. We are solar marketing specialists that have worked in sales and digital marketing for many years. We utilize our expertise as a solar contractor and digital marketing to deliver you more leads. Our strategy will enable you to avoid conventional door-to-door marketing approaches and instead expose you to prequalification appointments created online! We also provide a unique lead generating system tailored to your organization that will leverage the data we gather to help you schedule meetings faster and improve revenue.

Less Cost, More Opportunities

We Deliver Accurate, Qualified Solar Leads


Better Consumer targeting

We create high-quality leads at a lesser cost by attract traffics that demand on solar, lowering your cost per acquisition.


Get aheat on the competition

By building relationships with potential customers, you can increase your customer base and reduce the risk of losing existing customers to Your competitors.

Boost Your Solar Business

Consistent lead provide by Sundusolar can help your business achieve long-term growth. By continually expanding your customer base, Your business can create a stable and sustainable revenue stream

About Us

We share valuable solar information  with people who has need to reduce their utility cost through solar system. We are commited help them make batter decisions on solar installation and access their solar system faster, cheaper and easier.

How Solar Leads Works?

Step 1

We find consumers for you

We are specialized on digital marketing, we attract and educate traffics with solar installation demands

Step 2

Consumers Request installers' Quotes

Customers with high intent give thorough information providing and have taken many measures to get a quotation from you

Step 3

We deliver the these request to you

Leads are sent in real-time to your CRM, phone, or mailbox. You can do your magic from here

What Other Company Says About Our Leads

"Ever since we've started using SunduSolar's lead generation services, we've noticed a tremendous increase in our installations. Their leads are high-quality and have a great conversion rate. SunduSolar has become an invaluable part of our growth plan and we can't recommend them enough."

"SunduSolar is truly a cut above the rest. Their in-depth understanding of the solar market is reflected in the premium leads they provide. Since we started using their service, our installation volume has significantly spiked. If you're in the solar installation business, SunduSolar is a partner you can't afford to miss."

"Finding quality leads in the solar industry can be quite a challenge. SunduSolar has made that process a breeze for us. We've been able to connect with genuinely interested homeowners, leading to a substantial increase in our business. Their service has exceeded all our expectations and has been a cornerstone of our success."

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